Bitter kola and a healthy you


Bitter kola plant is one of the most precious plants in the Nigerian country. It has constantly been utilized to address a number of health problems. The superiority of it is that it is grown all naturally, is readily available and does not have to endure numerous procedures to reach the final consumer.

Though, an excessive intake of something, even the bitter kola, can be harmful to a person’s health. So are you speculating about the amount of bitter kola one should intake in a day?

Above all, let us understand the health benefits of bitter kola and why bitter kola buyers in Canada are so keen to procure such a wonderful fruit

The bitter Kola prescribed the amount

There is a number of side effects arising from too much intake of bitter kola. It is highly recommended that a person should restrict the intake of two bitter kola nuts per day. The mentioned dosage is enough to refresh your energy and recover your health.

Do want to keep a healthy lifestyle indeed, stick to consumption of two bitter kola nuts a day. Your medical call on will work definitely.

Bitter kola comprises essentials that are needed to treat a wide range of diseases and illnesses. Bitter kola advantages include:

Higher levels of testosterone

For the very start bitter kola aids in healing erectile dysfunction in men. It is supposed that bitter kola ingredients promote the supply of blood to the significant areas of men hence bringing them ease to erect. Additionally, it enhances their sexual efficiency. Bitter Kola is royalty for a man who wants to excite up his sex life.

Bitter kola also aids to lessen dawn sickness in expectant women during the initial trimester. However, they should be taken in controlled amounts and with the guidance of the physician. Bitter kola treats respiratory ailments of the lungs and also enhances their functionality. Colds coughs and sneezing can also be well addressed through bitter kola consumption.

Combating Malaria

The leading benefit of bitter kola is that it combats the signs of malaria. In the earliest of times, the traditional medics used bitter kola as medicine for fighting disease. Bitter kola is rich in quinine which is essential for treating illness. It extends the lifespan of the individuals. Due to its medicinal properties, a person who consumes bitter kola frequently is specific to live without diminishing killer ailments.

A belief from the old times

Though, this conception was prevalent in the ancient times that if a person intakes poisonous substances or bitten by a snake, they are advised to chew bitter kola nuts preventing the expansion of any contamination or even death.

Weight loss with bitter kola

Bitter kola can also be the most effective remedy for weight loss. Eaten only once the metabolism of the body speeds up leading to more consumption of calories. Moreover, it decreases hunger in a manner that an individual eat in lesser quantities when needed and does not overeat