Consider a Diet Enriched with Fish


With each new year, more and more people promise themselves that they will make real changes in their lifestyles, including eating more fish and fewer red meats as well as exercising more often. The majority of such promises go forgotten but the choice to eat more fish and to reduce red meats may dramatically improve your life for the better. For this reason and many others, it is time for you to look at why so many people benefit both in their mental and physical health by consuming fish on a regular basis.


The “c-word” is often associated with fear and frustration after a diagnosis but it is possible to reduce your risk of developing cancer if you only alter some aspects of your daily diet and perform more cardio workouts. The fatty acids known to be in fish also show after intensive testing to lower the risk of some cancers by as much as 50%, a dramatic margin by any scale. In addition to containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, certain fish contain selenium, a chemical element found to have cancer-fighting properties for the human body.

Mental Health

The omega-3 fatty acids known to be contained in many fish are also known to raise levels of serotonin, a chemical released into the brain that is responsible for fighting off depression. If you should ever feel yourself having a downward swing in your symptoms, it is always in your best interests to find the time and inspiration to enjoy a plate of delectable smoked fish in Sussex and to find a local gym at which to workout and release even more of the chemical. The result will be that you feel better over time even without medication, although you must always take any medications prescribed to you by your physician.

Reduced Inflammation

Omega-3s are also found to help regulate the body in a number of ways; one way is to reduce inflammation throughout the body so that you may feel less pain from conditions such as arthritis. Over time, you may feel more capable of certain actions and find that you even have slightly improved mobility during many parts of your daily routine. Although eating more fish is certainly no cure for simple aging and the conditions associated with it, consuming more omega-3 acids will only ever do your body good and perhaps slow the pain of aging joints.

Eating more fish is also a great idea simply because it is such a versatile option for your dinner plate, with many different types of smoked and fresh fish available throughout the year. Depending on your tastes and the recipe on hand, you may be able to create a brand-new dish to serve your family each night of the week for months without running out of options.