Considerations when Renting a Fridge

Woman looking in the fridge

Whether you’re running a business or a temporary bake sale, you probably are going to need a refrigerator, cooler, or freezer, at some point. A fridge is great even if you’re not refrigerating anything. Many of the display cases at coffee shops are refrigerated units that are not actually making anything cooler. They are self-contained units that are sealed to an extent to control the temperature and humidity inside of a case. Lower humidity might make something last longer, but a slightly higher humidity might make it more pleasant to eat. So, you have to balance those objectives based on your business’s needs. There are some other considerations you have to make when you are choosing a fridge or freezer to rent.

Fridge or Freezer

So, the first thing you have to figure out is whether you need a fridge, a freezer, or some combination of both. If you are, as mentioned in the previous example, looking for a glass display case for your coffee shop, you probably just need a fridge. You’ll need somewhere to keep your muffins, scones, and so on in a sealed environment with the proper amount of humidity. If you are looking to outfit a larger display case, such as those seen in delis and restaurants, you might want to get something bigger. Also, you might want to consider something that is a fridge and a freezer, or at least has the capability of running slightly colder. If you are planning to keep seafood or meat on display for your customers, you definitely need to be able to keep them at refrigerated temperatures so the meat does not spoil.

When you’re choosing your commercial fridge freezer, you need to consider how cold you want it to be.

Display or Not

Also, you need to think about how much you want your customers to see. Is this the kind of refrigerator that sits in the back of the store and no one sees? Or is this the kind of refrigerator that displays your food to your customers? If it’s the former, then you don’t really need a very attractive option; you can settle for one of the stainless steel models that is all about utility and has no frills. If you are making this part of the look of your business, then you’ll want one of the models with a nicer look.

These models, designed for display, usually feature large glass or clear plastic display panels that offer views of the products. Many of them have glass or clear plastic shelves as well, so you can get a complete view of the product. One of the big considerations when buying this sort of fridge is whether you want glass or plastic. Glass is going to be more scratch resistant than the plastic options, so it will stay clearer for longer. However, do you really plan on scratching the refrigerator door? If you don’t think that’s a problem, then clear plastic is probably a better option. It looks just like glass, but it does not have the same breakability as glass. Also, depending on the kind of plastic and the kind of glass, plastic tends to insulate a little bit better, so you might save some money on cooling costs.