Do You Want to Open Up a Pizzeria


If the entrepreneurial spirit has caught a hold of you and you want to open up a pizzeria, the oven you select is indeed an important consideration. After all, without an oven, it will be hard to sell pizzas. Maybe you own a restaurant and wish to add pizza to your menu. If so, you need to see what types of ovens are in the marketplace.

Do You Like to Entertain?

Pizza ovens are also sold to residential consumers who like to entertain. If you have a trailer-based pizza operation, you can find wood-fired pizza ovens designed for customers who like to eat when on the go. In addition, do not forget to include the accessories. Tools are designed for cutting or serving, as well as for measuring the temperature.

The Benefits of Pizza Ovens

Many of the pizza ovens sold today are either wood-fired or gas-fired. If you want to include the oven in a commercial setting, you will find that both styles of appliance offer the following benefits:

  • An even distribution of heat
  • An efficient smoke chamber to lower the amount of front smoke
  • A product designed to meet all types of budgets

Building an Oven from Scratch

You can choose to have the pizza oven delivered in a kit for do-it-yourself installations, or have the pizza oven company build it for you. Usually, pizzeria and restaurant owners like their ovens—just like their pizzas—built from scratch. However, what you choose depends largely on your timeframe and the amount you are willing to spend.

When choosing a pizza oven company, take a look at the services offered on such sites as That will give you a better idea of what to expect. Whether you choose a wood-fired oven or gas-fired model, each offers distinct advantages.

What to Expect When You Cook with a Gas-fired Oven

A gas-fired oven produces extra tasty pizzas, especially when you are cooking pizzas with meat toppings. These types of ovens permit the cook to control the heat of the unit.

Wood-fired Models

Wood-fired ovens are featured as wood, gas, and combination wood-gas fired units. The ovens are usually made with natural building materials, including metal and ceramic. The idea of cooking a pizza in this type of oven is to produce a pizza with a crispy texture. This type of oven also enhances the flavour of the meat and toppings.

A Range of Temperatures

Most pizza ovens—whether they are gas or wood-fired—can reach temperatures between 200 and 370 degrees Celsius. If you are choosing a wood-fired oven, the temperature can climb over 538 degrees Celsius.

Ovens with single-deck construction feature one opening for the pizza, whilst double- and triple-deck models are made with more than one opening.

Indeed, choosing an oven is an important decision. Therefore, make sure that you carefully review all of the features before installing an oven in your restaurant or food trailer.