Don’t Eat Less Than the Best

best restaurants

If you really like Thai food, you need to go to a rated fine dining restaurant. Doing so will make your eating experience unlike any other. That is why you should always choose a Michelin-starred establishment that has been rated and is appreciated by the public.

Look in a Michelin Guide for a Restaurant

The best restaurants in Bangkok Michelin guides often serve Thai cuisine and use spices found in original recipes. This is authentic Thai food based on the historic recipes of the Thai people. In fact, this type of dining experience acknowledges Royal Thai dining. You really cannot eat food better than these selections.

Bangkok is rich in food sources as is evidenced by one Thai proverb. The proverb reads as follows: “The fish in the waters and the rice in the fields.” This proverb points to the fact that you always can find staples in Thailand that make Bangkok dishes in Michelin restaurants superior to other cuisine. Again, these dishes are based on Royal Thai dining. Therefore, the taste is always close to spectacular.

An Adventure in Royal Thai Dining

If you want to impress a business associate or you wish to spend a romantic evening dining, you want to experience the adventure of eating Royal Thai dishes. This type of dining experience features various courses that include delicious appetizers and soups. You can also indulge in a spicy Thai vegetable fern salad. This salad is complemented with Chaiya salted eggs and oysters, both sourced from Surat Thani.

You might also sample an aromatic yet bitter orange sorbet for an appetizer. Sample the Thai puff ball mushroom collagen jelly soup as well. This soup features sweet bamboo shoot crumble and bamboo grass, which is a lucky choice for beginning a meal.

You Have Arrived in Food Heaven

When you eat food this scrumptious in Bangkok, you have found food heaven. Nothing comes closer to Nirvana. You will also like the amuse-bouche. This food is represented by a crisp coconut coriander roll with cream sauce and caviar.

If you have never eaten caviar before, you should start with the amuse-bouche. Doing so will allow you to see how caviar can be incorporated into a truly tasty and tantalizing dish. Would you like to fill up on soup? If so, why not try the classic Thai soup, or Tom Yum soup made with King River prawns and fresh herbs. You might also opt for a clear soup that is made with free-range chicken and madan.

A Unique Eating Experience

As you can see, you can have a unique eating experience that will be both memorable and satisfying. See about booking a reservation at a fine dining Michelin Thai restaurant in Bangkok today. By making this move, you can truly savor the essence of fine dining.

Whether you choose a stir-fried Thai dish of ground pork and crispy Siam fish or wish to choose steamed crab meat and butter cream crab, you will find that your taste buds will thank you and so will the guests who you invite to dine on this one-of-a kind cuisine.