Get to Know Asia: The Amazing and Weird Foods in Asia You Will Love


Different cultures have a list of weird foods they eat. The Asian foods have not been left behind as well. The same culture is also known for eating disorders in Asian women where appearance is considered essential more than the career and success of Asian women. Asia might have different foods, but the eating pattern of vegetables, noodled, rice, and strong spices are still the same. Here is a list of the Asian foods you should try.

Gaebul, also known as Live Spoon Worms

Koreans love both raw and cooked seafood. Spoon worms can be bought in Korean fish markets. They are cut into bite-sized pieces, which can be seen wriggling on the plate before you eat them.


Live octopus can be eaten in small-sized pieces or tried whole. Octopi’s suckers are still functional even when chopped, so you have to chew thoroughly. The octopus’s tentacles can also be dipped in soy sauce or sesame oil. Great dish for when you are on a date with an Asian woman.

Blood Sausage (Soondae)

The main ingredients of soondoe are glutinous rice, pig’s blood, and Dangmyeon, also known as cellophane noodles. More ingredients that you can use are barley, perilla leaves, among others. All these ingredients are filled inside the intestinal casings, boiled, and then cooked in different ways. You can serve it with a spicy sauce.


It is a traditional Korean food where milk is used during the preparation. Finely ground rice put in water and boiled milk make the milk porridge. Some of its health benefits is strengthening the lungs, kidney, and large intestines.

Raw Crabs (Gejang)

There are two types of gejang which include

  • Ganjang gejang also known as soy sauce crabs)
  • Yangnyeom gejang, which is seasoned crabs).

Silkworm pupae

You can serve it with alcohol. Silkworm pupae are boiled or steamed. The juice made from steaming is not left behind as you can serve it in a cup. You can get it from street sellers, or restaurants and watering holes. It is common so you can buy it canned.

Dog Stew

It is also known as boshintang. It is known for its energy and protein. It strengths virility. The meat is cooked with spring onions, doenjang made of soybean paste, and gokchujang, also known as red pepper paste. It tastes similar to roasted beef with more fat and grease.

Chicken feet


Chicken feet usually have no meat although, Asians love the chewy tendons and the well-marinated chicken feet skins.

Pig’s blood cubes

They are cooked in curry soup noodles in Malaysia. In the Philippines, they are grilled or skewered.

Century eggs

These eggs are gotten from quails or ducks. Before consumption, they are conserved in a saline solution for several months. The eggs turn black get a creamy and jelly-like texture. Best served with pork porridge.

Habu sake

Snakes are drowned in a jar of sake. The venom from the snake, as well as the sake mixture, boosts the libido of men.

Wasp cracker

It is rich in protein, and it is commonly eaten in Japan. The wasps are dried after they are boiled in water. Other ingredients can be used to make the wasp cracker snacks.