New Food, Cooking, and Beverages Without Leaving Home


It seems that in today’s society people are striving to take greater control of all aspects of their lives. You do not need to search far to find examples of this movement. There are security systems that can be monitored from the personal device of a home owner and a variety of entertainment formats that can be streamed to any place at any time. Most industries are taking advantage of this do-it-yourself mentality and people are willingly buying in as long as they can participate quickly and conveniently.

The food and cooking industries have jumped on board by delivering the food you order directly to your home and by providing numerous cooking experts to teach you about the best ways to prepare the meals your families and friends will definitely want to eat. You can combine lo-fat and healthy, barbeque, 30-minute, or more formal meals into a weekly menu that will please everyone. And now, there are even meal kits that do most of the pre-work for you.

You may think that food delivery to the home is just a fad but Sara Moulton, who is one of the world’s best known recipe creators and cooking instructors, says that food in a box is here to stay. She says that ordering a variety of meals is the perfect way to fight food boredom and that the kits solve the problem of worrying about what to prepare each day. The general public must agree because even as early as 2016 there was enough demand to support over 100 companies in the meal kit business. A specific product that has undergone a similar revolution is coffee. From its beginnings in the 14th century, coffee has only gained in popularity. It became an international sensation in the 17th century and today it is a $20 billion industry.

The first coffee houses originated in Turkey and they were frequent meeting places for the business community. Later these locations became popular lounges, not only serving coffee but also espresso, cappuccino, and lattes. For some people, the coffee house barista was a prominent figure in their lives. Just as with food, specialty coffees moved into the home with the advent of multi-functional coffee machines. But some people still wanted simple and convenient and so in 2012, the single serve coffee cup machine was invented for home use. Things like starbucks k cup coffee pod products became one of many single serve cups on the market and the result was that anyone could brew coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other beverages in less than a minute without leaving home.

You could call the movement in food, cooking, and beverages the home revolution. Young adults and their families with complicated and busy schedules started to crave time at home. They also looked forward to doing things on their own. This was especially true in the area of food and healthy diets. The generation that grew up on fresh ingredients and farmer’s markets is now happy to experiment with unique menu ideas as long as they can do it in the comfort of their own home.