Pizza Stones: For Delicious Authentic Pizzas


Have you ever wondered how top pizza chefs manage to create perfectly crispy pizzas? Well, it’s partly down to the quality of the dough, and partly down to the types of baking equipment used. If you want to create restaurant style pizzas in your own home, it is time to switch that baking tray for the same implement that the best chefs use: a pizza stone.

What is a pizza stone?

A pizza stone is a round, pizza shaped baking surface. It is heat resistant and safe to use in the oven, and is is designed to cook your pizza evenly, while making it wonderfully crispy at the edges. Pizzas stones typically come equipped with heat proof handles, which make lifting the cooked pizza out of the oven as easy as can be. You can use your pizza stone either with store bought pizzas and pizza bases, or with pizza dough that you have made yourself. Either way, the stone will really bring out the inherent deliciousness of a good pizza!

Cast Elegance’s pizza stones.

Cast Elegance makes excellent quality pizza stones in a variety of sizes, so you can select the stone that best suits your needs. As well as having brilliant thermal shock and heat resistance properties, these pizzas stones from  Cast Elegance are designed to preserve the moistness in your pizza’s dough whilst also giving them delectably crispy edges. This is all due to Cast Elegance’s use of Thermarite as a material: Thermarite is a very durable material that works perfectly with the high temperatures needed to cook a good pizza. Cast Elegance pizza stones are designed to be compatible both with conventional ovens and with BBQs and grills. If you possess a genuine pizza oven, you can use your Thermarite Cast Elegance stone in that as well, with total success. All of these pizza stones from Cast Elegance come equipped with ergonomic handles, so getting the hot pizza out of the oven and serving it up is super simple.

Enjoy pizzas the way that they ought to taste.

Even your regular store bought pizzas will taste more amazing than usual when you cook them using the right equipment. Moreover, when you make your own pizzas, you want to ensure that you give them the best possible start and make the most of all of that hard work that you have put in to kneading and shaping and proving that dough! Purchasing a good quality pizza stone will ensure that everyone gets to enjoy your home made pizzas, which will be baked to perfection.

Is it time to add a pizza stone to your kitchen cupboards?

Pizza stones are one of the best kept secrets of chefs. So many people continue to place their pizzas straight onto the grill or cramp its sides into a baking dish, wondering why it does not come out as perfectly crispy as it does in the restaurants. There’s no magic to it – well, if there is magic involved, it goes by the name of Thermarite.