Smithfield Foods To Help Stump Out Hunger


Here at Smithfield Foods, we’re zealous about feeding individuals it’s been our business for close to a sentry now. We’re very pleased to help in the most need role of supplying nourishing, top quality protein to a large number of People in America by means of the Feeding America system of food banks.

The company and our employees have been enthusiastic regarding initiatives that have been taking place which produce a beneficial, sustained effect in communities and also individuals in need. For many of us, coming into this role of feeding America with Smithfield and pushing the growth of Smithfield’s Helping Hungry Homes effort, has been a long 12 year project.

This may surprise many people but according to the USDA, 42 million People in America are lacking in needed food. This means 1 in 8 individuals across the country might not know just where their future meal will come from. We are working to improve this by shunning a light on the situation, volunteerism as well as charitable contributions to the people in need. From now through the end of the season, Helping Hungry Homes will supply just about a 1 million pounds of protein to the Feeding America network of food banks. This substantial gift is going to be converted directly into more than 800,000 meals for our neighbors in need. Who may not be showing it or are to afraid to talk about it.

Our own Smithfield foods family is very much devoted to this cause by hosting food drives at our organization facilities as well as offering volunteering help in community food banks, where they will stock racks with food items and help organize food goods that were donated. Only by helping each other we can make the world a better place, we are very pleased to cooperate with Feeding America to make a this king of difference. All through our long-standing relationship, we have supplied millions of meals to assist in the battle with hunger, Smithfield Foods was honored with Guiding Partner award because of these efforts.

We hope the work can motivate other people to join us in the fight against hunger. It really is crucial to become a working ally so volunteer at your own nearby food bank as well as advocate for anyone in need. We are very pleased of the work we’ve completed so far to tell America’s tale of food insecurity and support in hunger reduction, yet we realize we still have a lot of work to accomplish.