South African goods shop open for business


SAFFA Trading is proud to disclose that our brand-new online South African goods shop is open for business. Based in the Cape Community of South Africa, we have until now supplied vital medications in addition to beloved snacks and goods to satisfied expats in Europe, Australasia and the USA. Our large range of truly South African items is continuously broadening as we add new products day by day. We are very happy to source anything particular for our clients if they can’t locate it on our internet site.

South Africans are recognized worldwide as a resilient kind of people. We have also been labelled as hard working employees with a track record of finishing the job in the allotted time that was given. Globally our passion and dedication are in high demand and these days you can take a trip around the world, and you bound to bump into an ex-South African working and living abroad. As versatile as we are, we do like our creature comforts, and for several men and women living abroad a “taste of home” is definitely something to saviour.

We at provide expats all over the world the opportunity to stock up on all their favourite items – like some delicious Mama Rusks or delectable biltong, Marmite or Peck’s Anchovette. We stock all your favourite groceries that you have been missing while you have been living overseas. Our selection of South African pharmaceuticals and over the counter medicines is also quite extensive. We think that South Africans that have immigrated ought to have access to the same over the counter medicines that they use to have while they were still living in their country of birth.

The majority of overseas custom agencies do agree with the above statement and we actually have had massive success providing specific doses of non-prescription medicine to many overseas customers. If the over the counter medicine Adco-dol is the only thing that ever tames your headache or migraine, you can now make sure you constantly have some handy, whether you are currently residing in the United States or in Dubai.

The truth of the matter is this; the thing that sets us apart from the various other South African online stores is the fact that our business is based in the Republic of South Africa. While online stores abroad undoubtedly experience problems with maintaining their stock levels and also try to keep quality high, we find and source our items from the local grocery stores and drug stores like Clicks and Pick ‘n Pay — thus guaranteeing that we always have your beloved item’s readily available for prompt delivery.

Our delivery choices are also customized according to your specific requirements– for those who require their order to show up at their doorstep as quickly as possible there is the Post Office’s Expedited Mail Service, best for smaller sized, lighter bundles. The more typical airmail and surface mail choices is more economical and a little bit slower, however both choices has a tracking number for very easy monitoring.

Saffatrading. co. za presently stock hundreds of distinctively South African items Biltong, droewors, South African beverages, South African wines and many other the counter pharmaceuticals.

All our items we have on our site are displayed in SA Rands. The currency exchange rate between the Rand and various other global currencies has actually never ever been this positive to overseas buyer. Take this opportunity to ensure you are stockpiled on all your favourite South African products from home and SAVE with Saffa Trading.