The Best Advice for Catering Equipment Maintenance


There’s only one method of getting the most trouble-free use out of any catering and refrigeration equipment and that is by carrying out periodical. Regular maintenance, including cleaning, keeps things in good working shape and will help to spot any minor issues or worn out parts before they go on to cause costly breakdowns. Below are some points to consider regarding tasks that need doing for every piece of your catering equipment.

Get The Manual and READ it!

The very first place to look for correct maintenance techniques for your particular items of catering equipment is the owner’s manual, which as you know, comes with the equipment.

  • Tips seen in articles on the internet, are all well and fine, but the manual is there for a reason and tells you exactly all that you need to know to keep your equipment in excellent shape.

Fill in and Return any Warranty Cards

The best method of gaining the advantages of the manufacturers’ warranties for brand new catering or refrigeration equipment, is to simply fill in the warranty card and then get it returned to the manufacturer. (It takes all of …….5 minutes!)

  • You should have roughly a month after delivery to get that warranty card written out and returned, so don’t hang around an regret not doing it later.

Teach All Staff How to Correctly Use Equipment.

The misuse and abuse catering equipment, is what causes the majority of breakdowns, and nearly all warranties just won’t cover repairs which result from such. Educate workers how to correctly operate, clean and maintain the food service equipment. This will later save on the amount will spend on non-warranty issues.

Make Sure to Clean Catering Equipment on a Daily Basis

Daily cleaning is maybe the most vital maintenance tip for all catering and refrigeration apparatus. Cleaning will prevent things such as dirt, grime and food scraps from building up and damaging machine’s components.

  • Remember that clean catering equipment is what environmental health officers look out for also.

Routinely Examine Your Catering Equipment

Each and every time you clean catering equipment, exam all moving parts, electrical, water and gas connections wear, tear and leaks. If you can catch and fix small maintenance issues earlier on, you will save on more expensive repairs in the future.

Change Any Parts Which are Broken or Worn Out

With time, parts will eventually wear out and need replacing. If something looks worn out, it is more than a good idea to replace it before it creates serious problems.

  • If any equipment is new, don’t try fixing it by yourself as this can null the warranty, so check the warranty and see what you can and cannot do with it.

And if any equipment is no longer under warranty, overly intricate repairs should still be carried out only by qualified specialists.