The Culinary culture of the Cayman Islands


The Cayman Islands in the Caribbean is one of the most exotic groups of islands that you would love to visit. A vibrating culture, wonderful people, Caribbean culture and delectable cuisines make the Cayman Islands even more inviting and intriguing. Cayman Islands cuisines have always been one of the most popular things to try out while you are visiting the islands. You will find an abundance of restaurants in Seven mile beach that serves some of the most popular and authentic dishes of the islands. So let us check out some of the most popular and delicious cuisine delights of Cayman Islands.

Start off your day with some juicy jerk chicken

Well, this is the most popular among all the cuisines of Caribbean and it is no different in the Cayman Islands. You will get juicy jerk chicken even for breakfast if you want. This native dish from Jamaica is quite a spicy one. Tender chicken legs are prepared with scotch bonnet peppers along with other hot spices. The chicken is grilled in the oven which gives a flaming red color to it. This is definitely a must have Caribbean cuisine for everyone. Jerk chicken is good for dinner too. The smoking hot and delicious jerk chicken can be found almost everywhere on the islands. If you are looking for some spicy kick then you will not be disappointed.


A nice and warm wholesome conch stew meal

Caribbean cuisine is never complete with a delectable seafood platter on the menu. Well, when it comes to the cuisine from the Cayman Islands even the seafood comes with a different twist. Yes, one of the most delicious seafood meals that you can have on the islands is the conch stew meal. Conch is a type of snail from the sea. These snails can be cooked with soups, fritters, salads or stew. Conch stew is also known as the national dish of the Cayman Islands. When you are going out for Grand Cayman dining make sure that you try out this awesome dish. This is, however, a seasonal dish that is generally available from November to April.

Another delicacy for seafood lovers – Lobsters

When it comes to seafood the platter is incomplete without lobsters or shrimp. Residents in the Cayman Islands are very fond of lobsters and shrimp in various forms. They have a typical Cayman style lobster prepared in the most succulent way. All Cayman restaurants offer lobsters in their own authentic style. You will be able to choose from lobster risottos, soup, pasta and fries too. Cayman style lobsters will go great with some Cayman wine to dine with.

Get a sumptuous bite on the Johnny Cake

This is a typical Cayman island delicacy that is actually small dumplings deep fried into a mouth-watering savory. Johnny cake is great to be used as starters before you start off with the main course. These dumplings normally come stuffed with sautéed fish, jam or chicken as you would like to have it. The taste is simply Caribbean and you can’t stop at one. This is a perfect example of wonderful Cayman catering.