The History Of Coffee Beans In The UK


An old saying of magic happens over a cup of coffee is correct as there are only a few who would say no to a cup of coffee. Only that has made it the second most consumed commodity by humans in the world after oil. If oil fuels vehicles to move, it is coffee that energizes anyone to fulfill their responsibilities. There may be contrary opinions, but the global market size of coffee beans is only growing to 30.33 billion USD this year 2020. Experts predict it to grow to 42.47 billion USD by 2025. And, it speaks volumes on the need for coffee around the world.

The history of coffee beans in the UK

There may be different opinions on when humans consumed coffee in the world. Some say it was in the eleventh century in Ethiopia and other mid-east countries. But records are showing the people where the sun never sets started to drink coffee in the 16th century. As per the1583 account of Leonhard Rauwolf, British people sipped their coffee from the first coffee house called Angel in St. Michael’s Alley in Cornhill. And from the 1650s, there were more than 3,000 coffee houses in Oxford and other places in the UK. Along with that, there came the need for an excellent coffee roasting company.

Brewing the best coffee

From PasquaRosee, the proprietor of the first coffee house in the UK brewed the excellent taste coffee, and thousands became its admirers. There was an exclusive “Oxford coffee club” where big decisions and inventions happened at those times. Many philosophers, writers, politicians, artists, poets, and others discussed a lot more over a cup of coffee from then to the next nearly 450 years. It is only due to the beautiful aroma and the mouth-watering taste of coffee made by the incredible coffee roasting company.

Evolution of coffee from the devil’s cup to the world’s favorite

There were many names like devil’s cup and others for coffee in the UK and even for a brief time, women were not allowed in coffee shops in the 17th century. But all of it changed over time, after coming to know the many nutritional and psychological benefits of coffee proved scientifically now. It is the reason that a recent study finds that coffee shops will outnumber pubs by 2030. From 10,000 in 2017, the number of coffee shops is fast, reaching 30,000 now with the opening of three coffee shops per day in 2018.

Hence, there is a massive demand for a high-quality coffee roasting company worldwide now and more in the future.