Time For A Restaurant Makeover? Here’s 3 Tips!

Restaurant Makeover

Nicer weather is on the way, summer is coming! For many people, this is the time where we get inspired and suddenly feel the need to redecorate their restaurant. I guess it has to do with the spring fever. The kitchen is an important place in a restaurant. It is the place where you prepare the food for your customers, but is quite often also a bit of a business card for the restaurant itself. Reason enough to give your kitchen a little makeover this year, too. With just a few adjustments, you can make a kitchen look completely different. Time for a fresh updated look for the summer!

Find the right paint

Don’t worry, to create a new look you don’t have to buy a whole new kitchen right away. You can already create a completely different look with a lick of paint. You can make it a fun DIY-project. Even if you have two left feet you will be amazed at the result, it is very simple! At a hardware store you can buy special paint that is suitable for kitchen cabinets. This paint is available in all different colors. Determine a nice color palette for the kitchen and then decide what color the cabinets should have. In addition, you could even paint the tiles in the kitchen with another special paint made specifically for tiles. It’s an afternoon’s work, but then you’ll be amazed at the new look. A little tip, do use masking tape before you get started with the paint, especially if you have two left hands!

It’s all about decoration

The decoration in a kitchen is of enormous importance for the look. A sleek kitchen with little or no decoration can look very chilly. This is not an image you should want to sketch for your customers. That’s why we want to motivate you to be creative. An authentic kitchen where it is really lived in also makes it very cozy. Create a small coffee corner where you can put all the things you use to make a coffee. Make sure it looks neat, if you like dolce gusto coffee for example you can buy a handy dolce gusto pod holder. If you just love tea you can create a nice corner that focuses on tea and the different types of tea you have on display. In addition, look for cute vases, spice jars and a nice tablecloth. Dress it up completely to your taste. Of course, when you’re all set up, a fresh bunch of flowers can’t be missing.