What are the best vegan restaurants


Veganism is a practice whereby individuals observe a strict plant based diet. Over the past decade, the number of vegetarians in England has increased to a whole new level. This decision to shun animal sources of food has been linked to lower cholesterol levels, lower risk of heart diseases and alower blood pressure. As more and more people embrace veganism, restaurants and food outlets have embraced the challenge and are now offering vegan meals in branches spread out across cities in England. Vegan restaurants and food outlets also include vegan burger joints that offer vegetarian burger options. Below are some top four vegan restaurants and vegan burger joints.

  1. Food for Friends

Located in Bristol, this restaurant offers innovative and fully vegan dishes for the sophisticated palate. Food for friends is also an award winning vegan restaurant; a feat that is attributed to theuncompromising quality of service and an exemplary vegan menu. This restaurant is a popular eatery in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

  1. Byron

This food outlet has several branches spread out across the city of London. It offers vegetarian a choice of vegan burgers that are far from bland. Fear often associated with veggie burgers is that taste is compromisedon account of 100% plant based materials. This is however not the case at Bryon. The veggie burger is as tasty as any other.

  1. Itadaki Zen

This vegan restaurant offers an assortment of organic vegan dishes with a Japanese twist. The restaurant as mentioned specializes in a Japanese vegan cuisine and is famous for hosting numerous workshops touching on sustainable food. Located in King’s Cross, London, the restaurant boasts 100% handmade food. With a large selection of vegetarian meals to choose from, vegans are spoilt for choice.

  1. Terre A Terre

The restaurant is located in Brighton and is famous for its selection of world-inspired vegan dishes. Terre A Terre’s hasanoutdoor terracecomplimented by a themed interior décor. The restaurant offers a vegan culinary experience that is unlike anything else offered anywhere else. Terre A Terre has over 20 years of exemplary service, earning several awards and recognitions.

It is estimated that over half a million vegetarians over the age of 15 reside in England.This represents a substantial fraction of the populace; close to 1 percent of the total population. Various restaurants offering vegan dishes have since sprung up to keep up with this growing trend. Burger joints have also not been left behind in the efforts to create an entirely vegan menu.