Why use Pizza Stones?


A baking stone is a usually thick, big piece of stoneware that is usually used for baking bread and pizza. Because it is widely known for cooking pizzas, a baking stone is often called a pizza stone. The stones are simple to use and make pretty baking fun. They are an invaluable piece of equipment for cooking bread, pizza and even cookies. Using Cast Elegance pizza stone has many benefits. These benefits are;

Crispier crust

The largest benefit and best reason for using a stone is the crispy crust it gives your pizza. They usually make for an evenly cooked pizza and a crispy crust. The way it works is moisture gets drawn out of the dough rather than steaming it. A properly seasoned stone will give your pizza a bit of the charred taste as well.

A great presentation

Cooking stones will without a doubt help you give an impressive presentation. This is especially true if you tend to have visitors in the kitchen when you are cooking. Your guests will be impressed by the opportunity of getting to watch the process of preparing and baking the pizza on a stone.

Thinner more healthy pizza

A cooking stone will give you not only a crispier crust but also a thinner and healthier pizza. One that you can slide onto the stone without trouble. These thinner pizzas focus more on quality rather than quantity. With a thinner crust and fewer toppings, a homemade pizza baked on a pizza stone will give you just the right taste.

Baking stones can, however, be used for baking other foods other than pizza. Foods such as bread, cookies and even vegetables can all be baked using a baking stone. Baking bread on a baking stone will help give your bread a crispy crust and big volume. The same is true for cookies and vegetables. While making cookies, one is advised to buy and use a specialty cookie sheet for baking stones that come with lips so that the cookie dough can’t fall off the stone.

Pizza stones are however usually not very expensive. Depending on the size, model, and shape, most of them can range from as little as $18 to as much as $60. You can decide whether to buy online or shop for one in your nearest brick and mortar store. However, before buying a stone, it is important to know the best brands available out there. You don’t want to buy a baking stone that is going to get ruined as soon as your first baking experience with it has ended.

It is always true that the finest quality food is only offered at the place where it was originated, right? It’s wrong, says a chef from top-class hotels across the world. There are a few types of equipment and accurate ingredients which are mandatory to make a food item precisely or sometimes even better than the place of origin of a particular food item. Take, for example, pizza, a food item which sends a ripple effect to millions of fans worldwide so much so that many pizzerias are mushrooming every hour to bring out their exclusive recipe of pizza. From the perennial favorite cheese topped to the meat or chicken grilled topping, you name it you get it and that too, just by dialing a number.