3 Things You Must Know When Choosing Coffee Packaging


Anyone involved in the development and marketing of a coffee brand will already know that choosing the coffee packaging for your products is a time-consuming, difficult and delicate process. The importance of coffee packaging cannot be overstated: the wrong packaging can mean your product is passed over on shelves, while the right packaging can mean an increased appeal to consumers and the potential for a successful product line. Let’s take a closer look at 3 important things you must know when making the final decisions for your coffee packaging.

How you fill your bags may determine what type you choose

The most common types of coffee bags are: doypack seal bag, pillow/single bag, quad seal bag, side fold bag, and flat bottom bag.

Choosing the type of coffee packaging–that is, the type of coffee pouches and coffee bags your product will rest in–can be largely determined by how you will actually fill those coffee bags. Will you be filling them by hand? With a semi-automatic machine? A fully automated machine? If you are filling them with a completely automated machine, then bags such as the doypack seal and quad seal bag are ideal, whereas if you are filling them completely by hand or semi-automatically, coffee bags (regardless of type) with zippers and other manual closures are ideal.

Your bags need to have some kind of reclosing function

Your coffee packaging absolutely needs to have some kind of reclosing function in order to thrive in today’s market. People want their coffee to last as long as possible, and this means they won’t be using entire bags up in an extremely short amount of time. In other words, people want their bags to have the ability to be closed and sealed again after opening, to ensure that the coffee product inside does not spoil or become stale. The most common types of reclosures are zippers, resealable plastic, and buttons. The type of reclosure function on the bag can depend on a few things, such as the material you’re using for your coffee pouches, how you will be filling them, as well as the overall design of your packaging.

You need to make your packaging stand out with a great design

There are a lot of coffee products out there on the market today. It is not unusual for big-name supermarkets to have an entire sprawling aisle dedicated solely to coffee, with dozens and dozens of different brands lined up on the shelves for customer perusal. The key to successful packaging is to ensure that your coffee bags stand out in a good way.

This can be accomplished through an appealing design that features something unique or interesting that will catch people’s eyes as they walk down the aisle at the supermarket, local grocery store, or even a farmer’s market. Interesting design features for coffee pouches can include using neon colors, uniquely shaped packaging, metallic finishes, a distinct zipper, or even textured material. Anything and everything can be used to make your coffee packaging distinct!