The basics of smoking meat

smoking meat

Smoking is an art that requires more finesse than just grilling burgers and brats. Even though many people tend to fail in the beginning, they can master the art of smoking meat with practice and a little bit help.

This article will shed light on all the basics of smoking meat. If you want to move your grill skills to a whole next level, then this is the right place to begin with. Here are the essentials of smoking meat with a smoker.


  • Slow and steady

Even though it is an overworked expression but barbecue is something that requires utmost patience. The whole thing will take time. You need to set aside the day. Understanding this is the beginning to smoking meat.

  • The right ribs

Choosing the right ribs is the next step. Many would refer to baby backs, since they are like filet mignon. Many consider it as the best cut but actually it is tasteless. Rather, go for spare ribs that are more tender and flavorsome. Get a three pound cut slab of spare ribs to get the best results.

  • The right wood

Hickory chunks are smolder and less likely to flare up than chips. However, in case there are no chunks, chips that are soaked at least for an hour would work fine. You must look for hickory, cherry, apple or oak wood. Stay away from mesquite. Sap woods like pine can ruin the food.

  • Begin the coals

It is recommended to use lump charcoal or high-quality briquettes. It is imperative to keep an array of lit coals at disposal to keep the grill or smoker at a constant temperature. Do not put raw coals in the smoker. Rather use a chimney starter.

  • The rub

It is important to use a rub. If not, then use kosher salt and black pepper. Just cook it slow and low enough to let the collagen inside the meat to break down that creates the silky texture.

The smoke

  • Know the composition

It is important to know the structure of the grill or smoker that is being used. Open the grill’s bottom damper and arrange the lit coals on top of it. The coals must be kept at one side of the grill. Coals must be added slowly until it reaches 250 degrees.

  • Right temperature

The great must be replaced after the grill touches 250 degrees. Then lay the ribs on opposite side of coals putting the lid on. A small vacuum is created through position of dampers that smokes the meat perfectly.

Furthermore, do not open the li to flip the ribs. Indirect heat is being used so there is no need to flip them. Just manage the coals and temperature by keeping the lid down.

  • The finish

Open the lid after around four hours. Do not serve the ribs so dry. Get the sauces you have made and glaze those ribs over. This is how you will complete smoking the meat, just follow them in the order to get the best taste.