What to look out for in Catering Trailer Manufacturers?

Catering Trailer

To get your catering business on the road to success, you need to make sure that you choose the right mobile catering trailer or van! The right vehicle can impact on your future endeavours, ensuring that you make your business a success.

Choosing the vehicle should be on the top of your to-do list and if it’s not, why not? Choosing a mobile catering trailer from catering trailer manufacturers that you can trust is your best bet; these will make sure that you discover the very best solution for your mobile catering business and for the best price.


As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of the mobile catering trailers, Excel Trailers can provide you with an outstanding level of customer service, accommodating your specific requirements. What’s more, their aftersales care team are on hand to provide you with the peace of mind, so be sure to contact them on 01279 422227 if you need to know more!

Product Range.

Any reputable catering trailer manufacturers should have a complete selection of products available for you to choose from- like Excel Trailers do! Providing catering trailers and vans, catering kiosks and exhibition units, Excel Trailers make sure that you receive a complete service that is tailored to your unique requirements.

For your catering trailer to be eye-catching and endearing, you need to be prepared to do your research; start by identifying which catering trailer manufactures can offer you the best solution. If you’re planning on attending events, think about which catering trailer will make you stand out from the rest, after all, you have so many to choose from- check them out here!


Catering trailer manufacturers provide products to suit every budget, making sure that you receive great value for your money. The return on investment for any of the catering trailers available at Excel Trailers is guaranteed to be significant, enabling your business to generate a profit.

Perhaps you’re a start-up catering business that’s looking for catering trailer manufacturers? Any of the trailers provided by Excel Trailers are priced affordably to allow start-up businesses to get their foot on the ladder and to work towards achieving their targets.

Despite Excel Trailers working with some of the biggest names like Hellmans, Essex Radio and the Metropolitan Police, this by no means is to say that their prices are extortionate, in fact, they are the total opposite!


Your catering trailer says a lot more about your business than you could possibly imagine. Not only should your trailer be aesthetically appealing and encouraging for customer’s, it can be used for marketing purposes, promoting your corporate image and making it more identifiable.

Offering a great level of skill, the catering trailer manufacturers at Excel Trailers take this into account, creating a trailer that matches your acquired taste but most importantly, helps you to stand out at crowded events.


Trusted catering trailer manufacturers are guaranteed to provide something suitable for everyone, can you afford to rush this decision? In choosing Excel Trailers, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your requirements in further detail, bouncing any initial ideas that you have with some suggestions from a team of experts with over 20 years of experience to offer.

Using only the best materials, the quality of the trailers that they manufacture are exceptional, providing you with a fantastic solution for event catering across the UK.

So, if you’re looking for catering trailer manufacturers to help you to make your catering business a success, choose Excel Trailers today!