The Truth about Not from Concentrate Fruit Juice and From Concentrate Fruit Juice


If you have a food and drink manufacturing business or if you have your own restaurant specialising in fruit juices, smoothies, and the like, you need a good supplier of fruit juice, so you can meet the demand for your products. But there’s some amount of confusion regarding different fruit juice types, particularly when it comes to not from concentrate fruit juice and from concentrate fruit juice. So, what is the difference between the two, and how do you choose what’s best to use for your business? Here’s the truth about not from concentrate fruit juice and from concentrate fruit juice.

The main difference

Some of us have the mistaken impression that not from concentrate fruit juice is better than from concentrate fruit juice. But the fact is that not from concentrate isn’t so different from ‘from concentrate’ fruit juice if there are no preservatives or sugar added to the ‘from concentrate’ version. One thing to keep in mind is that not from concentrate fruit juice is still not the same as fresh juice; not from concentrate fruit juice is simply fruit juice which has undergone pasteurisation without becoming concentrated.

The process of pasteurisation

In reality, both not from concentrate fruit juice and from concentrate fruit juice undergo pasteurisation in order to remove any pathogens which may be within the fruit. The process of pasteurisation simply involves the heating up of the fruit juice so pathogens are killed. A commercial fruit juice which has been labelled as not from concentrate will often be made by having the fruit juiced and then having the resulting juice pasteurised. A commercial from concentrate fruit juice will also be juice taken from the fruit which is then filtered with the use of a processor which is designed to extract the water from the fruit. By doing this, the fruit juice will not take up too much space, especially when it is transported. Prior to the packaging and selling of the juice, water will be added once again to the juice concentrate and it will also be pasteurised.

Which one for your business?

Whether you choose to go for from concentrate or not from concentrate will depend on the use of the fruit juice for your business, as confirmed by fruit juice manufacturers like Kiril Mischeff. But from concentrate fruit juice is often preferred by certain businesses simply because it is easier to ship and transport, being less heavy and taking up less volume (since it is concentrated). It’s also easy to just add some water back to the from concentrate juice when it will be used. If you want to market from concentrate juice as a healthy alternative to your customers, however, it’s best not to add sugar or other preservatives to the juice; simple water will do.