Essential Tips to Help You Find a Quality Restaurant Linen Service


Are you running a restaurant? Are you looking for ways to improve your service? Is linen and laundry holding you back? If so, why not hire a reputable commercial laundry and linen service in your area to help improve your business. If you’re working in the catering industry, you’ll know that cleanliness and presentation are vital when it comes to serving food. So, how do you find a company you can rely on?

Consult with Business Associates > If you’re running a diner, restaurant or any other establishment that serves food, you’ll be dealing with all kinds of businesses in the process. Most of them will have connections in the industry, some will be able to help you find a reputable commercial linen service in your area. Don’t be afraid to converse with suppliers and other company representatives, they may be able to recommend a first-class linen provider who could offer you an affordable rate. When searching for local linen companies, it is best to consult with business associates who have clients in the same industry. It is possible that they’ll have a family member or friend who works for a reliable company who provide laundry and linen services to restaurants.

Compare Prices & Shop Around > Don’t settle for the first linen company that comes your way just because you’re feeling overwhelmed. Take some time to assess each business and don’t forget to select a team who can suit your specific needs. Inquire about the services they provide, if you’re a small restaurant you may not be sending large volumes of tablecloths, uniforms and other linen, so they may charge you too much for smaller loads. Choose a company who is transparent and fair when it comes to pricing.

Consider Their Reputation > When choosing a commercial linen and laundry service, it is important to find out about their reputation within the industry and community. One of the easiest ways to find out is by looking online and reading reviews. If they’ve a good name, they’ll receive great reviews online. You can also speak to other business owners in the area who run restaurants, they may be able to provide you with the name of their linen supplier if they hire from a local company.

Service is Key > Doing business with a company who provide good products at a reasonable price is great, but finding a commercial linen provider who also offers exceptional service is a bonus. If they provide outstanding services at every turn, you know you are on to a winning formula by hiring this company. Select a provider who is highly competent and reliable, it’s vital that you choose a business with first-class service.

The company you choose to handle your linen and laundry must be able to meet your needs. Linen is an essential part of any restaurant and what you present to your customers is vitally important. You need to have fresh, spotlessly clean linen available daily. To find the right company, consider the tips above.