Top 6 Benefits Of Keto Diet Which May Surprise You


Most people now-a-days are showing more interest on keto diet due to its various benefits. In fact, keto diet is very effective in improving your mental health, losing weight and maintaining hormonal balance. It even treats various health conditions like epilepsy and diabetes.

When you are on ketosis state, your body starts using ketones instead of glucose for fuel due to which you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Improved Energy Levels: Your energy levels will also be improved when you are on ketosis.
  • Weight Loss: This program can kill your appetite due to which you can lose your weight easily.
  • Mental Focus: During ketosis your brain starts using ketones as the source of fuel. Hence, you can stay more focused on whatever work you do.
  • Treats Diabetes Type II: Recent studies have shown that keto diet can treat type-II Diabetes. This diet plan helps to remove the sugar from your diet and lowers the HbA1c levels due to which the type-II Diabetes can get reversed.
  • Increases HDL Cholesterol: HDL cholesterol is good cholesterol and it can reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • Lowers Your Blood Pressure: It even helps in lowering your blood pressure.

How long it takes for the keto diet to work?

It usually takes 24 hours to 48 hours for your keto diet to work. If you want to lose your weight with this diet program then it is claimed that you can cut around 12 pounds in a month.

How can I get into ketosis quickly?

Cut carbohydrates: Reduce your carbohydrate intake if you want to get into ketosis quickly. Start tracking your carb intake and you will definitely find some good results.

Increase Fats: Make sure that you intake more fat as it acts like primary source of fuel. You can consume egg yolks, nut butters, fatty nuts, coconut butter, olives, avocados, fatty meats and etc.

Protein Intake: You should eat enough protein to help all your body parts function properly. However, remember taking too much of protein can slow down this process.

Try Fasting: Try fasting once a week as this can help you to get into ketosis quickly.

Exercise More: More workouts can also help you get into ketosis rapidly. Hence, make sure you spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in the gym.

If you observe that you have not entered ketosis yet even after trying all the above ways then you should check your daily habits and diet. Check whether you are consuming more fat or not because taking low fat foods can slow down the ketosis process.

If you are trying keto diet for the first time then you may not have any idea about keto meals preparation and how to plan your diet. There are many websites or blogs online providing keto meal recipes. Check such sites to prepare your meals easily. However, if you don’t have sufficient time to prepare your meals then visit to order ready-made meals.