Food Austin Texas is Famous For


Food is the very essence of life, not only do we need it to fuel our bodies but it brings people together from all different cultures and walks of life. Every city has it’s own food cuisine they are known for and establish as their own, and it’s fun to go out and explore these different food cultures from all over the globe. One city that has its own fun and delicious cuisine in Austin Texas. Austin Texas is known for it’s larger than life menu items and barbecue you just can’t beat. The top five foods that Austin Texas is known for are barbecued briskets, breakfast tacos, Pecan Pie, Food truck food and smoked duck.

Bring on the Barbecued Briskets

Most everyone is familiar with Texas’s long reputation of having the best barbecue around so it’s no surprise to see some form of barbecued meat make the list as one of Austin Texas’s best dishes. Although they are known for much of the things they barbecue on the grill, the brisket, in particular, is a huge favorite among the local Austin Texas’s crowd. Marinaded in a mix of spices and seasonings and then thrown on a piping hot, fiery grill, these briskets truly are to die for. The barbecued briskets can be found in most of the restaurants and feeding holes in Austin and top the chart as one of the most popular and well-liked Austin food.

The Breakfast Taco

The breakfast taco is a relatively new idea that has since been claimed by Austin Texas as being their very own idea. A breakfast taco takes all of the best, most hearty breakfast food items and puts them together in one big taco. From breakfast potatoes to scrambled eggs to bacon and even smoked brisket, a breakfast taco truly encompasses everything that breakfast has to offer. You can find the breakfast taco in pretty much any cafe or diner in the Austin Texas area and you are sure to leave with a full belly too so wear your stretchy pants!

Pig Out on Pecan Pie

Although they can’t take claim to the recipe for pecan pie, Austin is known for serving some of the best pecan pies you’ll ever eat. With fresh ingredients and hearty home-style bakers, Austin does a great job at supplying you with a great pecan pie. Places such as the Flightpath Coffee house, Upper Crust Bakery, and Tiny Pies have all made a name for themselves with their outstanding pecan pie’s. The next time your visiting Austin be sure to stop into one of these bakeries to experience the best pecan pie you’ve ever had.

Food Truck Frenzy

Food trucks are really starting to gain popularity all over the U.S. but we can’t forget where this cool, fun idea came from! Austin is home to many of food trucks that travel around from location to location bringing great food for all. It’s become a staple in our cuisine as American’s and Texas definitely has some acclaim to that. I mean let’s face it, what’s better than a traveling food truck serving up delicious tacos, sandwiches and even desserts?

Did Someone Say Smoked Duck?

Duck is a particularly intriguing menu item that catches the eye of most people as they scour the menu choosing their next meal. It’s a great, hearty meal that is usually considered a treat due to the price and the challenge it is to cook it right. But if you love roasted duck, Austin Texas is the place to go for a great meal. Both smoked and roasted duck are staples of the Texan cuisine, and with the knowledge of cooking methods and top-notch recipes, Austin has a reputation for cooking a mean smoked duck dish that you have to try.

So calling all foodies and chef’s, Austin Texas has it all. From savory smoked duck and fall off the bone brisket to sweet pecan pie Autin Texas has all best food for any palate.