5 Best Seafood Restaurants In Maui, Hawaii


Mouthwatering seafood plays an important role in traditional Hawaiian culture. Having some tasty seafood is a must-do for anyone while in Hawaii. The island of Maui offers some of the best seafood options in Hawaii.

Wouldn’t it be nice to whale watch under the beautiful ocean’s sunset view while having fish? Then, Maui is the place to be if you are a seafood lover. Make sure you visit these seafood restaurants as you enjoy your exciting adventures such as hiking and surfing. Here are the top 5 seafood restaurants in Maui, Hawaii:

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1.Island Chef

Has your mom ever warned you not to eat from a roadside food truck? I hate to break it to you but she was wrong. This food truck is well equipped as any other seafood restaurant. It doesn’t compromise when it comes to kitchen amenities.

Popularly known for its fish and chips, and coconut shrimp, the Island Chef is a must-visit for anyone heading to Hana. It offers other tasty dishes from ono, marlin to swordfish that is served with a lilikoi. This truck offers commuters on the Hana Highway a place to grab some tasty food while taking a breather. You get to meet and make friends as you share your Hana Highway tales.

2.Paia Fish Market

You can enjoy large servings of tasty food in this North Shore restaurant. Its family atmosphere makes it a fan-favorite. This restaurant offers fish fresh, charbroiled, Cajun cuisine, and sautéed at reasonable prices. You can order delicacies to be served with anything from sandwiches, burgers, tacos to pasta.

Paia Fish Market boasts of a bench style seating arrangement. This gives you and your friends or family a chance to talk while you have a bite of some tasty food. This is a great place to pit stop if you are on the Hana Highway.

3.Eskimo Candy Seafood Market & Cafe

This restaurant’s name is derived from a smoked salmon. “Eskimo candy” is the salmon’s belly strip. Here, you can have some of Maui’s fresh fish, kalbi ribs, burgers, shrimp, and scallops. Located in Kihei, the Eskimo Candy Seafood Market & Cafe is popular with both locals and tourists.

It offers take-out or eat-in options. Still, you can opt to carry some fresh seafood for home cooking. Their large menu will leave you with the best dining-in experience. Even more, its sentimental decor adds to the overall experience. Don’t forget to have a taste of their famous poke bowls!


This oceanfront restaurant boasts of a carefully crafted menu at affordable prices. This open-air restaurant is located in Lahaina. They serve fresh fish daily including opah, mahi-mahi, ono, and monchong. The seafood menu can be roasted, seared, crusted with cheese, or baked.

Enjoy a Maui Mojito or Mango Colada on the Lanai bar as you peruse the menu. Kimo’s also features the Tristan Lobster Trails, the famous Hula Pie, and Koloa Pork Ribs.

5.Tante’s Fish Market Maalaea

Located in Maalaea, Maui, this seafood restaurant offers exquisite seafood to both locals and visitors. At Tante’s Fish Market, you can enjoy tasty delicacies from their stellar menu while watching the beautiful ocean. The layout of this seafood restaurant creates a great ambiance for family and friends.

At Tante’s Fish Market, you can always be guaranteed to find the freshest seafood in Hawaii. They also offer steak and local food if you’d like to try some. Here, there’s something for everyone.

Even more, you get to watch as their chefs prepare meals right before you. Once your tasty food is ready, you’ll be served by courteous waiters and waitresses. Lastly, don’t forget that they have happy hours every day from 12:00 pm. Who doesn’t love happy hours?

These top 5 restaurants will offer you the best seafood while in Hawaii. If you are a seafood lover or you want to try seafood out, these 5 restaurants will offer you the tastiest seafood in Hawaii. Try them out today!