The Ultimate List of Spices Used in Indian Cuisine


Indian food is gaining popularity all over the world these days for its rich aroma and flavour. The hidden secret behind its delicious taste and fantastic aroma is a pandora of spices sourced from different regions of the subcontinent. Yes, all the credits for the delectable Indian dish you had at an Indian food restaurant go to these whole or ground spices. Here we’ve listed a few Indian spices that are essential for Indian cuisine. 


Cardamom, the queen of spices in India is commonly used in Indian dishes. From spices mixes to payasam – a yummy Indian dessert, it’s used in everything for its sweet and mild aroma. It’s often used in meat-based dishes such as chicken curry, mutton gravy, and more, as it has a pleasant aroma.

Black Pepper

If Cardamom is the queen of spices, black pepper is the king of spices. Black pepper has a pungent taste and aroma that adds fire and spice in your meals. In addition to its rich aroma, it also has got numerous health benefits and helps in increasing metabolism, improving digestion, treating skin diseases, and more. 


Turmeric is ground and used widely in Indian cooking for its health benefits. The pungent and earthy fragrance of turmeric adds more flavour to your curries. 


Cinnamon has a mild taste and earthy flavour and is more suitable for Indian dishes such as biryani and pulao that are commonly found in an Indian restaurant in North Vancouver. It is also used in spice mixes, garam masala, and curry masala to induce strong flavour. 


This slightly spicy spice variety is used in the preparation of soups, desserts, and puddings. It’s also used in the making of spice mixes, garam masala, and more. 


Cloves are predominantly used in Indian cuisine and can be found in a maximum number of Indian dishes. The strong medicinal flavour of this spice adds more richness and aroma to the dishes, but it must be used with caution because it may overpower more delicate spices. 


Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, is used predominantly in North Indian cuisine. It has a unique flavour and is used in minimal quantities as it is an intense spice. Indians usually dissolve in warm water or milk before adding to the dishes. 


Fresh garlic is used in more than 90% of Indian dishes you find in the Indian food restaurant. It’s used in all curries, vegetable dishes, meat dishes, biryani, pulao, and more. 


Ginger has an intense and sharp flavour and used generally in fish and poultry. Tea made with ginger offer more health benefits and strengthens your immune system when had without sugar. 

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