5 unconventional uses for Pizza Dough:


Any pizzeria owner can tell you that there is often a bit of extra dough available on any given evening in a pizza restaurant. In order to keep things fresh we often experiment with new menu items and unconventional uses for pizza dough. Here are some of the top creations we have produced that could make their way onto our menu soon:

Pigs in a blanket:

Fresh pigs in a blanket made with quality pizza dough can be an absolute game changer. Wrapping a grilled hot dog fresh dough can complement the flavor and give you an instant hot dog that is dressed with a fresh bun.

Flour tortilla for dips:

Mashing pizza dough flat and then fry it produces a lightly fried corn tortilla chip. Dressing this with guacamole or salsa can produce a wonderful appetizer!

Pizza bagels:

We have made fresh pizza bagels in our oven by rolling extra dough into the shape of a bagel and then dressing them with cheese and pepperoni. Our pizza bagels can be a unique twist on our traditional pepperoni pizza.

Scallion pancakes:

Cutting up dough balls and mixing together scallions, rice vinegar, soy sauce, salt and sesame oil produces a unique style of pancake that is extremely savory. These specialty items are a wonderful treat and the perfect appetizer.

Fresh baguettes:

Using older style pizza dough and turning them into fresh baguettes brushed with garlic butter can make for a filling and fresh treat. Rolling the dough out into a fresh baguette and then cutting pieces with a bit of butter can make for a satisfying snack!

These are just a few of the unconventional ways that you can use pizza dough at a restaurant to make a wealth of new creations.

This post was written by Shan Bakrac, owner of Top Slice Pizzeria. Top Slice Pizzeria is a St Pete Pizza place with over 35 years of experience, and the best ingredients on the market to make the freshest pizza! If you’re in the Downtown St. Pete area come on in, place an order for pickup or find us on Uber EATS!