5 Wedding Table Decoration Ideas We Loved This Season


After booking venue, the next thing on the list of planning is the décor. It is the true essence of the celebration that sets the right mood for the celebration. Be it the stage, dining area, entrance or vedi everything needs to be on point to create a beautiful setting for the wedding. Nowadays, wedding decorators are very much keen on beautifying the centre as well as the dining tables making them look all dreamy.

You can find every kind of table be it round, square, rectangle, or any other creative formation that needs some form of decoration to make it look truly wedding worthy. It is usually adorned with a tablecloth or natural centrepieces, candles and many more things that light them up.

We rounded up 5 pretty wedding table decorations fit to match any style which are also done at FNP Gardens wedding farmhouses.

Copper Wire Candleholders

Candles have become a must part of table decoration in the wedding décor. They not only light up the setting but add a whimsical touch to the setup. There are many ways to add them, but one of the most creative ways is to add them with smaller with barely-there geometric votives to modernize any table setup. These can be paired wonderfully with larger decorations, especially between oversized floral arrangements.

Gilded Lantern

For a romantic vibe you can lantern heights for a balanced mismatched effect. Don’t just confine them to your tables, either—every corner and crevice of your venue, whether indoors or out, could use a little décor treatment.

Hanging Centerpieces

It is one of the most beautiful ways to deck up the tables at the venue. You can use marble, glass, and terracotta vessels held potted plants, unique greenery, and flowers from Bows + Arrows. Terracotta pots were also hanging from the rafters, and antlers and rock crystals added more colour and texture to the tables.

Georgian birdcage

You can make the table arrangement look all dreamy with birdcages. One way to do is to add a pop of colour to your classic ivory colour scheme with a vintage-style birdcage covered in bright butterflies!

Vintage Belton candelabra

Candelabras add a vintage touch to the decoration. A Belton candelabra is an elegant choice to adorn the table. Sit your candelabra on a mirror plate and double the impact in an instant.