8 Tips for choosing a wedding caterer


When you are planning your wedding day and have your wedding location picked already, you are probably looking for a caterer if your wedding site provider does not provide you with one. You can not ignore the fact that food is one of the most crucial parts of the reception. So when you want everything to go smoothly, you can follow some tips for choosing wedding catering services.

Here are some fantastic tips for choosing a wedding caterer:

Check the availability:

It is essential to book your caterer soon after booking your venue. It is recommended to book your caterer with at least nine months remaining before your wedding date. Also, check your caterer has a catering software so that you can plan and manage your event via a software. One such software is Flex Catering; It is one of the best catering software in 2019.

  1. Consider the cost of the service:

Every caterer has a different type of price for the different kind of services. If you need a buffet type dinner for a large reception dinner, you can go for per plate cost. But it is wise to have a sit-down service with wait staff when you have a small meal. Contact the caterer for the price for each type of meal and Plan a budget.

  1. Know what the caterer will supply:

Wedding catering services offer different types of services. Sometimes your cater might need to provide tables and chairs. They might even have to supply glassware, plates, etc. These services will add extra cost to your budget if it’s not discussed earlier. So you should also know the cost of these services as well.

  1. Know the location where food will be made:

If the food is not made onsite, you need to know where it will be made, how your caterer is planning to transport the food to the reception location and if it will be ready on time to serve to your guests. You don’t want any mistakes which will ruin your big day.

  1. Know what your caterer will serve:

You need to make sure that you get the best possible food inside your budget that will be healthy and delicious at the same time. You might also want to have a taste before choosing your menu or require some special food that your caterer can accommodate, or you should look elsewhere if they can’t provide it. You must know what your caterer will serve you.

  1. Know if cleaning service is included in the service:

You need to know who cleans up after the meal and if they will rent anything which needs to be returned. It is especially important to save your budget when You don’t want most caterers to include any added expenses for cleaning up after the meal as this part of the service in the cost.

  1. Know if you can trust your catering service:

For choosing your caterer, you need to identify one or two things about their service. Because any mistake in the service can spoil the whole reception party. It is essential to know your caterer before handing them the contract. You need to meet with them one-on-one to discuss your ideas and visions for your wedding banquet so that you can create a menu to reflect the style and theme for your big day.

  1. Make sure to receive the best service:

Everyone expects to secure the top level of service right from their initial inquiry with a caterer. It is a crucial part of a wedding catering package. Choose someone at your disposal until your wedding day who provide unlimited phone and email support all along. That is why you should look for a catering service of an experienced, professional and friendly team of super staff.

However, if you are planning your reception and the wedding cake on a budget and want your caterer to handle everything, make sure to choose a service who can make the cake for you or they work with a bakery that makes wedding cakes for them.

You can make your decision once you have all the information about all the wedding catering services. Book them right after you have booked your wedding hall. It is essential that you keep in contact with them and make sure you give them a final guest count a week before your big day!