Authentic Indian Spices, Now At Your Doorstep


Every authentic Indian knows how important spices are in our cuisine. That bit is easy and simple.

The questions, however, are:

  1. Where to find them when you are not living in India
  2. How to get specific brands that you love
  3. How to ensure freshness and quality

Well, good news is that Dukan Online has worked hard and has solved all three problems, at least for Indians living in Australia.

Let’s start with the location.

While over half a million Indians live in Australia today, they are widely spread across capital cities, regional towns and remote communities.

One would imagine that at least Indians living in large capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane will have access to authentic Indian spices.

Well, yes and no!

A “Yes” for those living in or close to what are known as “curry” suburbs in Australia. Suburbs like Harris Park, Parramatta in Sydney and Clayton and Dandenong in Melbourne.

Residents here have the luxury of buying almost everything from a host of Indian grocery shops. Although not at their doorstep, they can still find all what they want after visiting a few stores.

A “No” for those who live in large cities but not in typical Indian suburbs like Sydney’s North Shore or Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

A sure “No” for those who are living in regional towns and / or in remote communities of Australia.

They usually have no Indian grocery shop near them and even if one is there, one rarely finds what one is looking for and sometimes when you do find your favorite brands, the content is either expired or not fresh.

So how Dukan Online has solved these issues?

Well, despite claims by some other online Indian grocery webstores, Dukan Online is the only online website that is actually delivering and delivering economically at any home across whole Australia.

Dukan Online is able to do this because of an effective shipping arrangement with professional shipping companies, consolidating the widest reach and economies of scale of many reputable courier services. No surprise then that Dukan Online is successfully delivering to Indians living in places like Coffs Harbor, Bonnells Bay and Bohle Plains.

Now to the issue of brand availability.

Dukan Online already has a large assortment of popular Indian spice brands like MDH, Ramdev and Curry Master.

New products from the same or other brands are also continuously being added on the website. Since website launch, over 500 new products have been added online, for example.

In addition, if a particular brand is not your thing, Dukan Online has teamed up with quality Sydney based importers to make quality private label products available at competitive prices.

Still, if you don’t find on the website what you want, provide us your recommendations through our wish list feature and we promise that we will do everything to add it on the website as soon as possible.

Finally, coming to the question of product quality.

Dukan Online is very conscious of product quality and that is the reason we source our products from only a handful of quality importers. In order to demonstrate that we truly care about product quality, we offer full refund of purchased product if it is not of a good quality.

Summing it up all, we offerAuthentic Indian Spices, Now At Your Doorstep .