Best 5 Burger Joints To Try In Long Beach


Hamburger is a kind of a burger which mostly looks like a patty but with a ground meat inside it. Then they are placed inside a bun or a roll. This is mostly considered as a fast food and it is imme3nsely popular in every corner of the world now.

It is said to be originated in Connecticut and now available almost everywhere and when one looks at the burger options there are actually endless varieties. Here are some fantastic burgers Long Beach CA which one can try.

Tam’s Burgers

This place is serving people of Greater Los Angeles area since the year 1971 and it as its franchise over 40 locations now. They are known to be serving the highest quality burgers and they are made of 100 percent pure beef. They have cheese spreads made of onions, chilies, salsas and zucchinis. There are 12 varieties of Hamburgers to choose from and apart from that there is a section of breakfast menu. Apart from the popular burgers one can also taste their country breakfast, steak and eggs, pork chops and menudo.

Hamburger Mary’s

This is located in 300 Pine Avenue of the Long Beach and it remains open from 11 AM to 2 AM every day. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers. If one wants then they can try their plant based burger plates or can go for their animal based beef. One can sit inside and have a burger feast with their friends and family or else they can also order online and get it at home.

The Habit Burger Grill

They started their journey in the year 1969 in Santa Barbara, California. They are said to serve one of the tastiest burgers in the country along with varieties of chicken sandwiches and fresh grilled seafood sandwiches. They remain open from 10.30 AM to 10 PM on weekdays and till 11 PM on Saturdays. When here, one must try their char burgers especially the Teriyaki and the BBQ bacon ones.  Apart from that there are one must try their garden salad and green chicken salad.

Dave’s Burger

It began its journey in 1969 in Ohio and since then they have opened a lot of branches all over the country. They are famous for serving fresh food and all the eatery joints offer a feel home ambience here.  When it comes to hamburgers they do have some unique varieties like bacon jalapeno cheeseburger, Dave’s single burger, Baconator and many more. One can also try their fresh made salads, chicken wraps and croissants.

Jim’s Burgers

Located in Long Beach for quite a few years now, this burger joint open its door at 8 in the morning and closes at 10.30 at night. One can try their Garden and Jalapeno Swiss Burgers along with fries. Apart from that they can also try their sausages and eggs, patty melt, steak plate and chili cheese omelets.

If one wants to try Tam’s Burgers Long Beach then they can always look for their specialty burgers and enjoy them.