The Greatest Benefits of Veggie Burgers


Taking that first bite of the hot veggie burger fresh off the grill is divine, more satisfying, and excites your palate. Even if you are a crazy non-vegetarian who loves the taste and aroma of a juicy beef burger, you would love tasting a veggie burger. The veggie burger is a popular choice for anyone who is willing to make a healthy choice. But, ensure you are making the right choice of healthy ingredients when you are ordering from a fresh burger restaurant in Beaverton Oregon. Here we’ve listed a few benefits of choosing veggie burger over other burgers.

Healthy Ingredients

Veggie burgers are made from healthy ingredients that supply a sufficient amount of fiber, minerals, and vitamins to your body. It includes vegetables, whole grains, legumes such as lentils, beans, and more. It’s a well-balanced meal when paired with whole-grain bun and fresh veggies.

Great Taste

Unlike in the past, veggie burgers have improved in texture and taste today. If you are looking for fresh burger Beaverton to order online, you will find different varieties of veggie burgers with loads of healthy ingredients. With many options available online, you are sure to find something you love.

Low Fat and Calories

Do you carry extra fat in your body and looking for different ways to cut those extra calories? Start incorporating veggie burgers in your diet without or less cheese to enjoy great health benefits. This is a better way to follow a diet without changing your eating habits.

Did you know the average amount of fat in lean beef hamburger patty is 10 grams whereas it is only 3 grams in veggie patty? Also, one serving of beef burger carries more than 200 calories, while a veggie burger has as low as 70 calories per serving. So, if you are planning to lose weight, choosing a veggie fresh burger Beaverton order online is a great start.

Low to No Preservatives

Preservatives are commonly used in processed food to prolong their shelf-life and ensure they stay fresh. But, using these preservatives can cause serious health issues, including high blood sugar, PCOS in women, and more. It can also lead to life-threatening diseases such as leukemia and brain cancer. Non-frozen grilled burgers in Oregon carry phytochemicals that play a vital role in minimizing your LDL, or bad, cholesterol.

High Fiber Content

A recent research report reveals that people don’t get enough heart-healthy fiber in their diets. But, if you are choosing a veggie burger, you are right on your track. Veggie burgers are loaded with ingredients that are heart-healthy and good for your colon.

The Bottom Line

Veggie burgers are always a healthful alternative to their meat counterparts. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, each veggie burger provides 33 percent of the daily protein food intake for men or 40 percent for women. So, what are you waiting for? Make a switch from beef burger to veggie burger to enjoy greater health benefits.