Which Pizza Crust is The Best?

Pizza Crust

Be it Chicago-style deep dish or Neapolitan flatbread topped with San Marzano tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella cheese, and basil, pizza has taken on many different forms ever since its inception. However, the crust is a crucial factor when it comes to the taste and quality. Yes, the crust is the foundation for the pizza as it dictates the taste, thickness, texture, and topping selection. In fact, crust is the base for different pizza innovation.

Whether you are baking pizza at home, ordering the best pizza in Bellevue Hill, or visiting local pizza places Bellevue Hill, it is a good idea to choose the pizza based on the crust. But how will you choose the crust? Here is two major types of pizza crusts you must try the next time when you visit the pizza restaurant Bellevue Hill.

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Thin crust 

Thin crust type of pizza will be crispy and it is nice to crunch to it. The pizza’s toppings will shine on their own in thin crust. However, you won’t get overpowered by the huge piece of bread at the end of each slice as they are not only crunchy but also taste good. If you judge the pizza by its toppings, then this is the best type of crust you are looking for. Neapolitan pizza, New York-style pizza, and St Louis pizza has a thin crust.

If you are looking for an authentic Italian pizza with perfect crust, then you can never go wrong with Margherita and Marinara as they replicate the flavour and texture of Neapolitan crust from a wood-fired oven.

While New York-style pizza is slightly crispy on the outer layer, St Louis Pizza has round, thin, cracker-like crust.

Thick crust 

Unlike thin crust pizza, thick crust doesn’t have an origin. However, Chicago is the accepted origin of thick crust pizza type. It is no wonder deep crust pizza is originated from Chicago. This type of crust pizza is made in a similar way to thin crust pizza. The major difference between thin and thick crust pizza is the dough is set at a thicker depth, especially at the outer layer. Hence, thick crust pizza is cooked for a long period to achieve a crunchy texture. Unlike thin crust pizza, thick crust pizza has more toppings. The extra toppings are one of the reasons why many like thick crust pizza.

Deep dish pizza is another version of thick crust pizza. Although the crust is thicker than both thing and thick pizza, it is prepared differently. They are not thicker on the edges but also taller in height as well. It actually looks more like a pie than a pizza.

The next time when you visit the pizza restaurant Bellevue Hill, choose the pizza based on the crust you would like to try.