What Style of Dining Service is Right for Your Upcoming Business Event?


Whether you are planning to host an event for launching a new product, or a local fundraiser, food is the crucial element of a successful event. In fact, food can help brand any event as it leaves a long-lasting impression and makes you stand out, which in turn enables others to consider your company or hear your suggestions.

In short, a big part of planning and hosting a business event lies in providing an exceptional dining service for your guests. However, the type of foodservice is a crucial aspect of a business event as it could spark conversation and create the right atmosphere for the event. So, what style of foodservice is suitable?

Buffet Style

It is the most common meal service and an excellent choice for business and fundraising events. Buffet style food service encourages guests to mingle and have a conversation with each other as they serve themselves from a delicious array of freshly prepared dishes.

You can offer a range of food and easier to satisfy everyone’s appetite. When compared to other foodservice styles, the buffet can help cut down staffing cost as the guests will be serving themselves and you don’t have to hire serving staff. Moreover, a lot of menu options could be added so that it is easier to satisfy all types of guests, particularly vegans and those with food allergies. That said, food costs will be higher as people tend to eat and waste more when they serve themselves.

Food Stations

Food stations have become the best food serving style over the past few years, and this trend is not going anywhere soon. Why? Food stations are a great idea, and it offers a break from the standard corporate catering norms. Your clients and business partners would be enthralled and love to taste different types of food offered at each station.

Besides, food stations give hosts an opportunity to add a touch of personalised creativity to their office lunch catering affordably. It can be designed to suit any taste, preference, or dietary needs. Food stations create excitement, which is a plus for any type of event. Your business event doesn’t have to be those boring meetings. Add fun by opting food stations over other types of food serving styles.

Plated Dinner

It is one of the most popular and common dinner services, regardless of the type of event, which could be seen at most of the events. Plated dinner service consists of three courses individually served by experienced staff. While some caterers have standard menus for plated dinner, it could be customised according to your choice. The guests will be served at the same time, which gives better control over the time allotted for dinner service. But, the plated dinner service will increase the labour cost as you need to hire serving staff.

The type of serving style should be chosen based on the type of event you are hosting, the ambiance you are aiming to create, and the budget.