The popular POS systems for restaurants enable the sales persons who are involved in restaurant business to offer a reliable, time-saving and pleasurable service to the customers. These systems are developed in such a way so that they can ensure a enhanced level of customer satisfaction. The managers of cafes or restaurants need to take care of certain things to keep the business floating such as-

  • Building a good customer base.
  • Make the customers keep coming regularly.
  • Keeping a track of the individual performance of the employees.
  • Having a detailed data of regular or weekly gain and loss.
  • Keeping track of the customer’s choice of food.
  • Arranging special menu or chef’s choice menu to bring variety.
  • Offering special discounts.
  • Keeping track of the birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions of the customers and wishing them, and offering them special discount to make them visit their restaurant.
  • Managing and arranging happy hours and rush hour menus.

Popular restaurant POS systems for eateries now come with different hardware and software. The LED touch screen tablets are developed with high-end technologies. These tablets are customizable and the menus, food prices, pictures of different dishes, estimated time for delivery of food to customers, special dishes, all these can be displayed on the tablet screen. So food ordering has now become simply an affair of just a click. Different food items are catalogued under different categories like starters, main course, beverages. Restaurant managers can design various combo offers and customize the menu. Menu can be changed anytime to bring diversity and even the web designs of the catalogues can be changed to bring visual variety for the customers.

POS restaurant tablets enable customers with many facilities such as-

  • Choosing food from a well-organised menu.
  • Knowing the exact price of food and discounts on them.
  • Knowing the estimated time of food delivery.
  • Customizing order( like mentioning ‘add more sugar in coffee’, ‘extra cheese in pizza’ etc)
  • Ordering take away food.
  • Paying through debit/credit cards.
  • Paying through online wallets.
  • Getting cash backs and referral points.
  • Getting the e-bill through e-mail..

This technology has sent restaurant business towards a booming success. With a properly manageable and easy operating system cafe and restaurants now fulfil higher order targets in much lesser time than operating manually. Cancelling a particular order and re-ordering has also become an easy task. The best POS systems provide the managers of restaurants with the trivial-most details about the employees, customers, inventories, accounts, tax calculations, profit and loss and also the upcoming income and expenditure graph on the basis of last week’s business.

Due to the use of computers and tablets and as taking order or ordering has now bexome a matter of clicks, the pen and paper handwritten bills have become almost obsolete. Moreover a lot of time can be saved by using these systems, and the time spent becomes more productive as more number of customers can be catered to in a less time. There is also a lot more transparency. Less rather almost no miscommunication occurs between the person taking order, the chef in kitchen and the customer. All ends of the whole process are well-connected and run smoothly by the help of the POS systems.