How to unlock more Venues from your restaurant in 2019


As we head out of the cold winter months and towards the summer, restaurateurs and hoteliers are naturally preparing for their peak season, welcoming guests to their establishments and generating more income. Indeed, in some areas, as much as 90% of an establishment’s revenue can be generated in just three months during the summer, so going all out to bring in the dough makes sense. But what if you’re not generating a significant return on your investment, or want to unlock more revenue from your restaurant? Well, fear not: below, we’ve put together just some of the ways you can do so this year…

Add value to orders

Encourage guests to order a starter, side or dessert by refreshing your physical menus and specials boards, and encourage staff to return to tables to refill drinks and snacks bowls. It’s easy to go the extra mile for diners without thinking of your own pocket; add value wherever you can, and charge them for the privilege. Sauces and sides should always be extras.

Be strategic with staffing

Rather than having a full kitchen brigade in operation every evening, make some strategic decisions about staffing based on your current occupancy and availability. If you know that you are always quiet on a Tuesday, then cut staff hours or lay off workers who are no longer profitable. If necessary, you can hire relief chefs to cover shortages during busy periods.

Create packages

Offer diners a hotel room and meal package, bundling together two services and increasing their average spend. Again, deliver what they want, but consider offering optional extras to generate more revenue – a bottle of champagne in their room, and a couple of side dishes or an expensive wine with dinner. The more you up sell, the more profitable you will become…

Deliver good customer service

When it comes to the hospitality industry, customer service is everything. Take the time to speak with your staff before every sitting and motivate them to work hard and deliver the very best service they can. If customers feel welcome and cared for during their visit, they’ll come back and recommend you to their friends, even if the food isn’t perfect.

Pay for advertising

If you can’t remember the last time you advertised your business, then you’ve probably left it a little too late. Update your website and start marketing your restaurant on social media and in newspapers and magazines. A digital presence will help you stand out, but remember that your food should be at the forefront – a photographer will take pics that show off your grub.

Consider a rebrand

In terms of reputation management, there’s nothing better than a rebrand. If you’ve had a number of bad reviews or you’ve changed your menu and interior, then you may want to think about a rebrand, too. Not only does it get people interested in what you have to offer, but it also serves as a clean slate, allowing you to take your restaurant in a new direction.

Accept reservations

Some restaurants refuse to take bookings, and whilst we understand why, it’s bad for your business and could be harming your bottom line. Install an online booking system and let guests choose what time they’d like to dine – if you’re concerned about no-shows, then add a reservation charge so that guests are more likely to turn up and order from your menu.

Reinvent the menu

Finally, let’s talk about the food itself. Consider refreshing your menu and adding some new dishes to your offering, not only to appeal to modern consumers’ tastes, but to build up some hype about your restaurant and encourage reviewers and bloggers to return for another visit.There you have it – just some of the ways you can make more money from your restaurant in 2019. Whatever ideas you take from this article, we wish you the very best of luck with them!